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Quality breeding equipment and supplements at competitive prices. 

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Online Shop

Quiko Plus 400g (Extra Proteins)

£10.00 £13.50

Quiko Plus is a complementary pet food supplement in powder form for all cage and ornamental birds, pigeons, chickens and Birds of prey (Falcons etc.) The vitamin B content intensifies all metabolic processes and thus strengthens the resistance (also with young birds). Yeast has outstanding nutritional qualities and promotes good appetite. With protein vitamins and elements for optimum results. Quiko Plus is ideal for young birds in the nest since the first day, but also during the time the young birds leave the nest, when weaning and during the first moult. With Quiko Plus, the young birds take in enough important nutrients in the crucial growth phase, even if they only eat a little. Quiko Plus contains the vitamins Biotin, B1, B2, B6 and B12 and 29 natural amino acids and minerals.

SHORT DATE 03/2021

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